JM blow-in, Formaldehyde-free™ loose-fill fiber glass insulation is designed for attics and hard-to-reach locations like corners, nooks and crannies. It is noncorrosive and noncombustible. Climate Pro® insulation is for professionals using large truck-mounted high volume production blowing wool machines and for the Blow-In-Blanket System. Attic Protector® is for the remodeling professional or do-it-yourselfer who uses portable machines such as the WASP Blowing Machine. Climate Pro® insulation and Attic Protector® insulation can be blown in to provide R-values from R-11 to R-60.

JM Formaldehyde-free™ fiber glass building insulation offers superior thermal and acoustical performance —and it improves indoor air quality, because it’s made without formaldehyde.

Morrison Homes

"Morrison Homes has been happy to call GWI a valued trade partner since 2002. Their quality work, strong collaboration and continuous support for ourselves and our clients are key factors in delivering superior homes to our customers."

Jason Ager
Chief Operating Officer, Morrison Homes

Laratta Homes

GWI has been a long standing key trade and supplier to Laratta Homes for countless years.

Gord and his team have been professional, courteous and responsive to the needs of our clients and our business.

They stand behind their work, which means they stand behind our homes. This is important in an industry that caters to the most discriminating buyers.

I am proud to call them an associate of Laratta Homes and long time friends of the Laratta Family.

Anthony Laratta, BA
GM, Laratta Homes